GDPR tool

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Transform your GDPR problem
into an ADVANTAGE.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new EU data protection statute. It is designed to give EU citizens a greater control over their personal information. Any company which collects, uses or analyses personal information is obliged to harmonize with the Regulation till 25. of May 2018. when large fines can be imposed for offenses.

MOBILEone is here for you – as an individual - to help you in preserving your rights; and for You – as an organsation – to assist you in fulfilling the obligations arising on the GDPR basis.

GDPR is not a problem. It is the first step in a digitalization that will make life and work easier for you.

Don't waste time – harmonize with the statute!

Identify what you are doing with the data and where it is stored


Technology can't help you during the first step in the alignment. You have to bear in mind what records of personal information you have, what purposes you are using them for, where this personal information is stored and who the people are in the records.

If you need any assistance at this stage, let us know, we have partners that can help You.

Start your work with MOBILEone GDPR tool


We divided the GDPR into a few components and made it easier for you to manage your own obligations. Let’s walk you through the necessary steps:

  • First you will create a group of persons (data collection)
  • Then you will define the purpose for each of these persons (data collection)
  • Next step is to define which personal information is used for what purpose
  • Then enter a list of people in each group
  • Finally, e-mails will be sent automatically to everyone with information where they can view their personal information.
  • It's not hard, is it?

Enter personal information in MOBILEone app


During the development of the app, we thought about some potential problems that may occur to our users. One of them was data entry. For that reason we are giving you two solutions:

  • Manual data entry
  • Automatic data entry by uploading an Excel spreadsheet

Let people know which personal information you are using


To make your job easier – we allowed sending notifications via e-mail automatically to all your contacts. In addition to all of the above, you can also access via mobile app.

MOBILEone isn't just a tool for GDPR

MOBILEone is a multifunctional platform for digital transformation of companies and organization in harmony with the GDPR statute


Whitelabel CMS

MOBILEon app controls your content and inform your users. Create menus, write articles, add location, draw routes, sell your products or receive donations - everything is done with the SAME tool, where – due to GDPR - you have all the members of your associations, federations, organisations etc...

Connect with our app

We are used to having a lot of profiles on different social network, but what if you could connect your organization or business or even your own event with related apps as a part of a larger whole!

MOBILEone offers exactly that – a mobile app (Android & iOS) with the main advantage of connecting with other MOBILEone apps – content of the network makes the platform more appealing to a greater number of users that improves visibility, marketing activity, makes the work easier and increases earnings.

What do large organizations and cities gain?

  • A new digital channel
  • Increase the number of potential clients
  • Instead of B2B they turn into B2B2C

What do medium business, family business and associations gain?

  • A new digital tool for everyday business
  • Simple tool for implementing GDPR statute
  • Possibility of digital transformation of their business
  • Placement of their products and services in the whole MOBILEone app network

Example of connected apps on MOBILEone platform from the field of tourism

Vision One

Our partner Vision Team is a MOBILEone app distributer in tourism. Vision Team provide assistance to their clients during the creation of the app, designs different graphic elements and edits their initial content
Such created apps on MOBILEone platform are available on Android and iOS devices by installing an app called Vision One on their respective app stores.


MOBILEone GDPR app subscription

(all prices are without VAT)

REMARK: Expression “Number of people” indicates the maximum number of people in data records (collections) of each package. If you have reached the maximum number you can buy either extra number of people or a bigger package. Number of people you bought additionally will be valid until subscription expires.

App for the START package will be created automatically after your order. For all other packages - applications will be created after your payment, according to the offer you received. After creating the app we will notify you via e-mail on how to get started with using our platform/tool.


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