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Fast publishing app

MOBILEone is an app for content management and sharing on mobile devices (mobile CMS) in which content is created in a very simple way. The goal is to currently release information by people who do not have IT and programming knowledge.

Be visible

Be Visible

Owners of MOBILEone

First MOBILEone apps were created for tennis community - Croatian Tennis Association, Istarska Rivijera. However, MOBILEone is adapted for everyone: companies, associations, organizations, products, services, news portals, individuals (athletes, celebrities…). Owner of MOBILEone app creates own personalized app so each app can have different menu items.

Get Connected

Get Connected

Network of connected apps

Network of mobile apps brings only one app on your mobile device and possibility to browse through the network and see content of other apps.
Each MOBILEone app can become a standalone app on stores as well. Content is instantly visible in any gateway to MOBILEone world.


Market Place

Network marketing

Donations, Auctions, Crowdfunding, Sale, Reservations and Pay-per-view - Use MOBILEone to earn!
If you have a network of apps, you can also share sponsors' articles throughout the network.

MOBILEone Apps in Stores


Find different connections and tutorials on how to create your own app and input content. Get MOBILEone for Android or iOS and try it out for yourself!


Network of mobile apps in tourism of continental Croatia, tourist boards and tourism oriented destinations...

HTS - Croatian Tennis Association

Croatian tennis has never been closer - Watch live score, video feed, tournaments. Read news. HTS MOBILE one is available for Android and iOS devices.


Official app of Croatian Olympic Committee brings you information about the performance of top Croatian athletes at the first European Games in Baku in 2015 and in HOO RIO app news from athletes in Rio Olympic Games 2016.

MOBILEone is a part of STRIPE Atlas program since 2017


tennisTOUCH was our first digital step in the world of mobile apps, Find out more on our Live Tracker and Tournament system.


tennisTOUCH Live Tracker Presenting tennisTOUCH system Check out tennisTOUCH REFERENCES


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